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Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the middle of nature and give an extra meaning to your vacation. Support the revival of Lobkovice Castle with your own hands. Meet new people, have new experiences and learn new skills. A variety of exciting tasks and challenges are waiting for you.

In your free time you can relax on the banks of the Elbe River or try one of the many activities you can do here. SUP or canoeing, cycling, hiking, ball sports, fitness and yoga. Or you can take a trip to Prague or the surrounding area with its historical buildings and breathtaking landscapes.  The evenings are often spent cooking together, playing games or sitting around the campfire. 

Get an impression of the past seasons with our great volunteers:

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Click here for summer 2022

Click here to check out the volunteer accommodations.

[The minimum number of participants for the camp to take place is 6 people. For groups of 6 or more, we can flexibly adjust the period if necessary. There are 12 sleeping places available. Camping is also possible on the premises.]


Working Holiday 
Camp 1

30th April - 15th May


Working Holiday
Camp 4

1st July - 11th July


Working Holiday
Camp 2

23rd May - 5th June


Working Holiday
Camp 5

22nd July - 31st July

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Working Holiday
Camp 3

13th June - 24th June

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fully booked
fully booked
fully booked
fully booked
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