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We are extremely lucky to call this amazingly beautiful piece of Earth our own. Chateau Lobkovice has been in our family since 1409 and we would like it to flourish once again. It is a magical place with stunning nature, a variety of buildings, and fascinating historical background. We wish to bring together a like-minded community that is willing to develop this project with us. On this journey there are several large and small projects, there are buildings needing renovation, gardens growing and much more.

We want to breathe life back to Chateau Lobkovice - the ultimate goal being the full renovation of the whole complex and continuing its heritage.
Currently, we are focusing on the expansion of a variety of accommodations. In the near future, we will offer Workation - a space for freelancers and digital nomads to work together in an inspiring environment. The other relevant part of our vision includes opening an event location for weddings, festivals and all other kinds of celebrations. For all guests and members of our community we will offer a diverse variation of activities. The idea of sustainability will be applied as much as it is possible in every single project.

Interested? Click here to become part of it or here to become a volunteer.

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