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Carlotta has a multitude of talents. She loves to organize projects and events, and has a great eye for detail. She loves to give new life to things and you can often see her painting rooms or restoring furniture. She enjoys gardening and is responsible for the beautiful flowers on the grounds. She loves company and likes to do sports.



Max is a visionary with a lot of ideas. He loves to dig into new things and likes to acquire new skills. He usually keeps a cool head and finds logical solutions to problems. In previous lifes he was a kitesurfinstructor and an engineer in renewable energies. With his humorous way he contributes significantly to a relaxed atmosphere.

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Lenka is our strategic secret weapon. She takes care of the administration, grant applications and manages everything contractual. With her, all threads come together - she always thinks of everything. She is incredibly structured and brings a lot of experience from the hotel industry and marketing to the table.



Volodya is probably the strongest man in the world. He has lived on the castle grounds for over 20 years and knows it better than the back of his hand. In addition to his forest- and wood chopping skills, he's an artisanal ace. He looks after his animal flock, grows his own vegetables, and is great at cooking and baking.

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