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Wedding Activities

Unforgettable wedding fun at Chateau Lobkovice: games and activities for your guests.


A wedding is not only the culmination of two people's love, but also a wonderful occasion to bring family and friends together. And what could make this special day even more unforgettable? Games and activities that will unite your guests with enthusiasm!

At Chateau Lobkovice, an idyllic place full of charm and nature, we attach great importance to making your wedding not only romantic and elegant, but also full of lively moments and merry laughter. That's why we offer a wide range of fun activities to ensure your guests have a memorable day.

Why are activities for guests so important?
A successful wedding is not only characterised by the exchange of vows, but also by the joy and happiness your guests feel. Activities and games are a great way to lighten the mood, encourage interactions and create a festive atmosphere. Here at Chateau Lobkovice, we believe that happy guests make a wedding a memorable event.

A variety of games for every taste
At our estate, we have entertainment to suit all tastes and ages. Our guests can choose from a variety of games, ranging from sporting activities to relaxing outdoor activities.

Sports activities:

  • Table tennis: Show off your speed and precision at the table tennis table.

  • Badminton, volleyball and boules: Whether on the beach or on the grass, these games encourage teamwork and are a fun way to pass the time

  • Viking chess and Frisbee: For those who enjoy the outdoors and want to spend quality time with friends.

  • Stand-up paddleboarding, inflatable canoeing and kayaking: For water sports enthusiasts who love the water and are looking for a dose of adventure.

Calmer activities:

  • Crocket: A relaxed yet challenging game for those who prefer a quieter time.

  • Archery: Show off your marksmanship and concentration with this ancient sport.


For our younger guests:

  • Children's corner with painting table: creativity is at the forefront for the little ones.

  • Children's archery: A child-friendly version of archery that is exciting and safe.


Nature experiences:

  • Forest activities, scavenger hunts and hide and seek: discover the beauty of the surrounding forest and enjoy adventures in nature.

  • Feed the animals: Our younger guests can feed the animals on the grounds and create a special contact with nature.


Create unforgettable memories
Our aim is to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable wedding experience. With our wide range of activities, you can be sure that your guests will have a great time. The games and programmes at Chateau Lobkovice are designed to reflect the joy and uniqueness of your love.

If you would like to know more about our wedding packages and the different activities we can offer for your wedding, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to making your special day an unforgettable experience!

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