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The Project

It is time to awaken the Chateau and the spacious castle grounds from its deep sleep.

We would like to bring it back to its original splendor and beauty.


Visit & Stay

Experience the unique atmosphere of Chateau Lobkovice as well as the beautiful nature around.

Come and visit us!


Chateau Lobkovice

Chateau Lobkovice has been in the aristocratic Lobkowicz family since 1409. Both - the family and the chateau take their name after the picturesque village of Lobkovice.


The property was restituted back to the family in 1991, shortly after the Velvet Revolution. 



Celebrate your event on the historic castle grounds of Chateau Lobkovice.


Be Part of It

Become part of our project and support it with your own hands.

Join us as a volunteer or realize your ideas at the Chateau grounds.

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